Gesenius-Kautzsch – Verbal and Nominal Clauses

In two videos I briefly introduced verbal and nominal clauses.  In the video on the verbal clause video I explained how the nominal clause and the verbal clause differ in meaning.  In this ‘Grammarians’ Corner’ segment, I will take a look at Kautzsch’s description of verbal and nominal clauses in his 28th edition of Gesenius’ grammar.  His discussion is very helpful in understanding the difference between the two types of clauses; however, he adds an unfortunate twist at the end.  I will be taking quotes from Sections 140 and 142 of the grammar (the sign § indicates ‘section’). Continue reading “Gesenius-Kautzsch – Verbal and Nominal Clauses”

Thanks for the feedback!

As noted before, I’ve had a lot to learn about running a site like this – posting videos, etc.  I wanted to thank those of you who have provided feedback.  Much appreciated!

One thing I have fixed is that I removed YouTube’s suggested videos that pop up when my videos are over.  I did not realize they popped up, and YouTube can have some unsavory suggestions.  My sincere apologies!  I believe the issue is taken care of, but if it persists, please let me know.

I know I have some annoying habits.   One is writing Hebrew left to right.  I promise to do better in writing Hebrew by writing right to left.  Writing left to right was a bad habit I developed when I began my Hebrew studies.

I have settled on my background, etc. for videos of Ruth.  The first two videos are certainly distracting.  I thank you for your patience as I ironed this stuff out.

Thanks again for the feedback!  This site is for you, so I want to make it you-friendly!