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Welcome to Your Hebrew Tutor!

Your Hebrew Tutor exists to assist those who set their heart to study God’s Word in Hebrew by:

  1.  Reviewing and reinforcing Hebrew morphology,
  2. Reviewing and reinforcing Hebrew syntax and grammar,
  3. Reviewing, featuring, and recommending resources to assist you in reading Hebrew.

On the left you’ll notice a header ‘Posts.’  All video and written posts are categorized for easy access.  You will find:

  • Ruth 1 Videos – a verse-by-verse grammatical analysis of Ruth 1
  • Featured Topics on Syntax – written or video posts that go into a little more detail about a particular subject in Hebrew syntax.  For example: Verbal and Nominal clauses, cases in Hebrew, etc.
  • Hebrew 101 – written or video posts that provide a refresher on basic topics taught in beginning Hebrew.  For example: guttural letters, the dagesh, accents, segholate nouns, etc.
  • Grammarians’ Corner – highlights from various Hebrew grammars, and reviews of Hebrew grammars.
  • Promises of Christ – grammatical analysis of various verses that prophecy the coming of Christ.  A way to celebrate Christmas and Easter.

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May the Lord bless your studies!