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Welcome to Your Hebrew Tutor!

Your Hebrew Tutor exists to assist those who set their heart to study God’s Word in Hebrew by:

  1. Reviewing and reinforcing Hebrew morphology,
  2. Reviewing and reinforcing Hebrew syntax and grammar,
  3. Reviewing, featuring, and recommending resources to assist you in reading Hebrew.

In the menus at the top of the page you will find:

  • Ruth 1 Videos – a verse-by-verse grammatical analysis of Ruth 1
  • Promises of Christ – grammatical analysis of various verses that prophecy the coming of Christ.  A way to celebrate Christmas and Easter.
  • Biblical Aramaic – a verse-by-verse grammatical analysis of the biblical Aramaic portions of the Old Testament
  • Featured Topics on Syntax – written or video posts that go into a little more detail about a particular subject in Hebrew syntax.  For example: Verbal and Nominal clauses, cases in Hebrew, etc.
  • Hebrew 101 – written or video posts that provide a refresher on basic topics taught in beginning Hebrew.  For example: guttural letters, the dagesh, accents, segholate nouns, etc.
  • Grammarians’ Corner – highlights from various Hebrew grammars, and reviews of Hebrew grammars.
  • Miscellaneous – various announcements regarding the site.

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May the Lord bless your studies!

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