Jeremiah video

The video for Jeremiah 10:11a should be available now. My apologies if you were not able to view it.

Also, my plan is to continue to post videos for Ruth 1 while posting videos for Biblical Aramaic.

Thank you for bearing with my snail’s pace!


New resource . . .

For those who are interested, I added a new resource to my list: Russell Fuller’s recently published intermediate grammar. This is the grammar most of my analysis is based on: grammatical categories, accents, etc. Also, I do plan to make more videos.

Update . . . .

Thank you for your patience. Since my last post my wife and I have moved to a new house and have welcomed two young toddlers into our home. We are currently fostering them with the goal of adoption.

Currently my schedule is crazy as I learn to incorporate raising two toddlers. I will start posting soon. . . . . I hope. 🙂

Thanks for the feedback!

As noted before, I’ve had a lot to learn about running a site like this – posting videos, etc.  I wanted to thank those of you who have provided feedback.  Much appreciated!

One thing I have fixed is that I removed YouTube’s suggested videos that pop up when my videos are over.  I did not realize they popped up, and YouTube can have some unsavory suggestions.  My sincere apologies!  I believe the issue is taken care of, but if it persists, please let me know.

I know I have some annoying habits.   One is writing Hebrew left to right.  I promise to do better in writing Hebrew by writing right to left.  Writing left to right was a bad habit I developed when I began my Hebrew studies.

I have settled on my background, etc. for videos of Ruth.  The first two videos are certainly distracting.  I thank you for your patience as I ironed this stuff out.

Thanks again for the feedback!  This site is for you, so I want to make it you-friendly!


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