A friendly reminder – The Shewa

The shewa (סְ) – those two vertical dots under the consonants – come in 2 varieties, though they will look alike. Characteristics Silent Shewa Usually preceded by a short vowel: מַלְכִּי The shewa under the lamed is silent because it follows a short vowel, the patah Never falls on the first letter of a word! WillContinue reading “A friendly reminder – The Shewa”

A Friendly Reminder: the Derived Stems

In this post I want to briefly define the derived stems and show their general relationship with one another. Qal – this is the “light” form.  It is “light” because it is not made “heavy” by the additions of the Pi”el, Pu”al, etc.  It is your basic form; simple action. Niph’al – with the passiveContinue reading “A Friendly Reminder: the Derived Stems”