Online Hebrew Classes

I hope you have enjoyed the videos I have posted on Credit for my knowledge of Hebrew morphology and grammar is due in large part to Dr. Russell Fuller (Ph. D. Hebrew Union in Cincinnati). After visiting my site, if you desire to strengthen your biblical Hebrew, then I wanted to share an opportunityContinue reading “Online Hebrew Classes”

A friendly reminder – The Shewa

The shewa (סְ) – those two vertical dots under the consonants – come in 2 varieties, though they will look alike. Characteristics Silent Shewa Usually preceded by a short vowel: מַלְכִּי The shewa under the lamed is silent because it follows a short vowel, the patah Never falls on the first letter of a word! WillContinue reading “A friendly reminder – The Shewa”

A Friendly Reminder: the Derived Stems

In this post I want to briefly define the derived stems and show their general relationship with one another. Qal – this is the “light” form.  It is “light” because it is not made “heavy” by the additions of the Pi”el, Pu”al, etc.  It is your basic form; simple action. Niph’al – with the passiveContinue reading “A Friendly Reminder: the Derived Stems”