I started your hebrew tutor after I finished my Ph. D. in Hebrew from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2014. Having served as a teacher’s assistant and Garrett Fellow for 9 years, I saw a consistent pattern in the types of questions students ask when reading biblical Hebrew. I launched my site with those questions in mind.

My goal is not to replace Daily Dose of Hebrew. I am a big fan of what that site is doing. However, I purposely do a couple of things differently from Daily Dose. First, my videos are longer. I tend to average 5 minutes per video, allowing me to go into more detail regarding the morphology and grammar for each verse or clause. Second, in each video I generally focus on a clause, not the entire verse. Each clause presents a multitude of questions for readers; I try to cover as much detail as I can in each clause to cut down the amount of research for the reader. A lot of time can be spent searching the grammars in order to answer a nagging question. My goal is to help reduce the amount of time searching.

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope your hebrew tutor helps to improve your Hebrew. Please feel free to reach out with any Hebrew related questions.

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