The verb עגן in Ruth 1:13b

In the video on Ruth 1:13b we came across the verb תֵּעָגֵ֫נָה (Niph’al Imperfect 2fp עגן). In the video I briefly talked about what likely happened to the third root nun. Many of the grammars that are available to you do not address this word, with the exception of Joüon-Muraoka. Therefore, anything said here .Continue reading “The verb עגן in Ruth 1:13b”

A friendly reminder – The Shewa

The shewa (סְ) – those two vertical dots under the consonants – come in 2 varieties, though they will look alike. Characteristics Silent Shewa Usually preceded by a short vowel: מַלְכִּי The shewa under the lamed is silent because it follows a short vowel, the patah Never falls on the first letter of a word! WillContinue reading “A friendly reminder – The Shewa”