Genesis 3:15c – the Protoevangelicum

Published by Richard C. McDonald

I am married to Nancy McDonald and we have two boys, Noah and Stephen. I am a high school history teacher at Whitefield Academy in Louisville, KY. I am also an adjunct instructor of Old Testament Interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College. I am a fan of LSU, and college football in general. My family and I are members at Sojourn Church-JTown in Louisville, KY.

3 thoughts on “Genesis 3:15c – the Protoevangelicum

  1. Why does the prefix vowel change from chametz to sheva, please? Is it because of the suffix, and if so, how does that work?


    1. It is because of the suffix. It was in an originally open position, and in the antepenult, requiring a vocal shewa. I’m currently working on a series of videos explaining how vowels change when adding suffixes.


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