Isaiah 9:5d

For more reading on the noun שְׁכֶם “shoulder”, see Joüon-Muraoka §96Ak

Published by Richard C. McDonald

I am married to Nancy McDonald and we have two boys, Noah and Stephen. I am a high school history teacher at Whitefield Academy in Louisville, KY. I am also an adjunct instructor of Old Testament Interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College. I am a fan of LSU, and college football in general. My family and I are members at Sojourn Church-JTown in Louisville, KY.

One thought on “Isaiah 9:5d

  1. If one is saying that the English reader doesn’t understand the prophetic perfect, and is translating ”for unto us a child shall be born…’ then – ‘logically’, maybe over-logically – one would then have ‘… the govt shall be…’. (as NASB).

    But if we are using some kind of perfect present in English – ‘a Child is born..’, then logically one should have ‘… the government is upon His shoulders’.

    I thought that was the general idea of the vav-consecutive imperfect, that it continues the action, so to say, in the same time frame as the initial perfect.


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