The Accents

Below is a link to a PDF with a chart listing the disjunctive and conjunctive accents.

In the video for Isaiah 9:5e I mentioned a few disjunctive accents, and in future videos I’ll make mention of others.  This chart will be a helpful reference for you so you won’t have to dig out your books.

Accents Chart

As far as how the accents function, I’ve listed some works that go into greater detail.  In the videos I will be limited to generalities as the discussion could get detailed fast.

  1.  William Wickes, A Treatise on the Accentuation of the Twenty-one So-Called Prose Books of the Old Testament.
    • Perhaps the best resource on the accents.  Just a word of warning, this is an older book so it can be hard to read at times.  However, you will get the most detailed information on how the accents work in this book.  This book is for the accents in Hebrew narrative.
  2. William Wickes, A Treatise on the Accentuation of the Three So-Called Poetical Books of the Old Testament.
    • This book treats the accents found in the Poetical books of the OT: Psalms, Proverbs, and Job.  The accent system is different in these books from those in Hebrew narrative.
  3. A. B. Davidson, Outlines of Hebrew Accentuation.
  4. James D. Price, The Syntax of Masoretic Accents in the Hebrew Bible, Studies in the Bible and Early Christianity 27 (Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1990).
    • I have found it difficult to get my hands on this book.  You may have better luck.
  5. Joüon-Muraoka, §15.
    • The discussion in this chapter will be brief and general.  The references above are more detailed.
  6. Gesenius-Kautzsch, §15.
    • Like Joüon-Muraoka, the chapter in Gesenius-Kautzsch will be brief and general.

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