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You can now follow me at: Facebook – just search for Your Hebrew Tutor Twitter @yourhebrewtutor All posts made on will be shared on these platforms.  They will also be shared on Google+, but you’ll have to search for my page – just search and join at Richard McDonald.  I should have two pages,Continue reading “Follow me!”

Arabic and Hebrew grammar

In the introduction to this site I mentioned that I will be using traditional grammatical categories for describing Hebrew grammar: accusative of specification, intensive Pi”el, absolute object, etc.  These are categories you’ll usually find in grammars like Gesenius-Kautzsch, Joüon-Muraoka, and even to some degree Waltke-O’Connor. In comparison, newer grammars—like van der Merwe-Naudé-Kroeze, Andersen-Forbes, Rocine’s beginningContinue reading “Arabic and Hebrew grammar”